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Heading 6
Friends Event hosted by Dr. Cheryl Kinney
 June 30th with Republican National Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong, Committeewoman-Elect Debbie Gorgegatos and Candidate for U.S. Congress
TX District 34 Mayra Flores 
Our fantastic speakers
Dr. Robin Armstrong, Debbie Gorgetaos \
and Mayra Flores
Mary Brooks greeting guests
PWRW President
Ellen Theilen
Geoff Ficke delivering
the Invocation
Dr. Cheryl Kinney & Mayra Flores
Dr. Robin Armstrong, Debbie Gorgegatos &Mary Brooks
Candy Grady & Ellen Theilen
Jon Ott, Barb Kille, Susan Fountain_edited.jpg
Jon Ott, Barbara Kille & Susan Fountain
Geoff Ficke, Diane Truitt & Molly Sanders
Tina Peterson, Dr. Mayra Thompson & Steve Peterson
Doug Grady, Dr. Frank Theilen & Frank Smith
Sandy Ammons & Diane Benjamin
Dr. Mayra Thompson & Chris Klement
Paul Gorman, Bobbie Quick & Candy Grady
Dr. Robin Armstrong & Susie Morrissey
John & Mindy Stenger
Diane Truitt & Molly Sanders
Susie Morrissey & Van Smith
Aimee Ramsey, Deborah Arnett
& Julie Zvara
Farmers Branch Mayor  Pro-Tem Omar Roman 
& Hon. Tina Bennett-Burton
Sandy Ammons & Julia Pierce
PWRW 2024 Summer Informal
Tuesday June 11th 
Bankhead Brewpub
Program: Convention of States:
What's All Fuss About

Lively Discussion with Tom Giovanetti (for) and Steve Oglesby (against)

pwrw gIOVANETTI.jpg
Tom Giovanetti, President
Institute for Policy Innovation
Steve Oglesby
Eastern Texas Field Coordinator
John Birch Siciety
PWRW Tom Giovanetti and Ellen_edited.jpg
Heading 6
Charcuterie board artists
Diane Truitt & Sharon Wright
USE - Matt Patrick speaking_edited.jpg
Matt Patrick, SREC's for SD 16
Marty Forte', Judge JJ Koch,
Candidate for Chief Justice,
5th COA
USE - Kit awarding certificate, with Diane K and Joyce C.jpg
Susan Fountain
Kit Whitehill, Larry Wainer,  DCRP Executive Administrator Mary Brooks, TFRW Deputy President Diane Dees, Bruce and Rebecca Pratt
PWRW Event Director, Van Smith,
Vicki Blackey, Virginia Snow
Shelly Akerly with Hon. Daisy
and Luis Palomo
Hon. Mike Lee, Candidate for 5th COA
PL 12, TFRW Membership VP Corrine Miklosh, Matthew Kolodowski,
Candidate for 5th COA PL 9
SREC-SD23, Ed Zenner,
Justice Bill Whitehill,
Charles Moncrief
Marge Camstra, newest PWRW member Shelley Sturges, Diane Bryant
Kit Whitehill, Susan Fountain
Van Smith, Candy & Doug Grady
Justice Bill Whitehill, Marty Forte'
DCRP Communications Director
Judy Porter, Nancy Atherton
PWRW President Ellen Theilen
April 24th
PWRW General Meeting 
Featuring Guest Speaker
Eduardo Retta, Founder &CEO
of Cross Cultural Communications
Meeting Held at Dallas County GOP HQ
Apr 2024 10.jpg
Susan Fountain,Eduardo Retta, Joseph Ols, Michael Savoy, Judy Porter
Elva Moon & Sandy Denton (seated at check-in
Ellen Theilen introducing John Jun
Eduardo Retta
The Fruin's & Ellen Theilen
Eddie & Diane Dees, Diane Truit, Ellen Theilen, Judy Porter & Mary Brooks
Eduardo Retta, Eddie & Diane Dees,
Judy Porter, Diane Truit, Ellen Theilen,
Mary Brooks
Nancy Ficke, Vicki Blakely, Virginia Snow, Pat Ditto,
Marilyn & Eric Fruin
Chris Roberts, Marty Forte', Eduardo Retta,
Bethell-Anne Osborne
Frank Theilen, Vicky & Mike Harrison
Kiki Paschall, Doug Grady
John Jun Team, Ellen Theilen, Mary Brooks
Candy Grady and Van Smith
         Chris Roberts
Clean -Up Crew
Diane Kozub,  Jean Tally, Roxann Loveseth 
Chris Roberts & Shannon Barnett
Gino Rossini
PWRW President, Ellen Theilen
March 27th
Preston West General Meeting and Republican Candidates Campaign Kickoff for November Wins!

Guest Speaker Hon. Jennifer Balido
with informative insights 
into the District Attorney's Office
PWRW 2024 Mar 2.jpg
Susie Morrissey and Hon. David Blewett
Hon. Jennifer Balido and Mayor Terry Lynne
Elva Moon. Sandy Denton, Jan Burke
Candy Grady, Celeste Craig, Ellen Theilen, Nancy Anderton, 
Hon. Jennifer Balido, Hon. Tina Bennett Burton, Van Smith
Loren Adair Smith, Jean and Halden Tally
Patricia Ditto, Mayor Terry Lynne, Virginia Snow, Vicki Blakely
Doug Grady, the Ice Cream Man!
Loren Adair Smith, Shannon Dion
 Chris Roberts
Jamie Kohlman
Bonnie Story
Rebecca Pratt
PWRW Pioneer Luncheon March 13th at the Lazy Dog restaurant was a huge success.
It was a tribute to the Pioneers that have worked tirelessly over the years to make our club what it is today. Thank You Ladies for Your dedication to fostering loyalty to the Republican party and promoting it's values, priorities and candidates to ensure our state remains
We joined with our Pioneers to celebrate 70 years as a continuous club in Dallas
PWRW Mar lunch 10.jpg
PWRW Mar 2024 Joyce Cochran, Alma Box.jpg
PWRW General Meeting
February 28th with
Special Guest Speaker, Russ Ramsland with a very informative presentation on our elections in the US and what changes need to be made to ensure they are secure and eliminate fraud
Bankhead Brewpub, 13090 Bee Street, Farmers Branch
PWRW Feb 2024 1.heic
PWRW 2024 movie.png
PWRW Movie Night
January 24th 2024
Look Dine-In Cinema 
Dinesh D'Souza's film

Police State
PWRW 2024 movie pic.jpg
PWRW Xmas Party and 
2024 New Officer Installation 
Tan Parker, TX Senator - District 12 officiating the Installation
December 4th at Victoria's Mexican Restaurant
PWRW General Meeting
Tuesday, November 14
Featuring Guest Speaker, 
Michael Flusche, North Regional Director - US Senator Ted Cruz
Toasty's Restaurant

PWRW Fall Kick Off Meeting
September 26th At 10:00
Dobson House Historical Park

Brunch Hosted by PWRW Board
Featured Speaker Victor Avila
Former ICE Agent, Border Specialist, 

Author and GOP Candidate

PWRW Sept 2023 16.heic
PWRW Sept 2023.heic
PWRW Summer Informal
August 22nd @ 6pm at Lupe Tortilla Restaurant

Featuring Guest Speaker Sanjay Narayan
For some interesting facts on CBDC:

"How Those in Power Want to Control Your $
and Your Future"
PWRW Quarterly Luncheon
August 16th
at The Lazy Dog Restaurant
enjoying camraderie and good food
with some of our favorite members

PWRW lunch Aug 16 2.jpg
Tuesday May 16th Swearing in Ceremony of Terry Lynn, newly elected Mayor of Farmers Branch officiated by the Honorable Faith Johnson
PWRW General Meeting
April 25th @6:00
Featured Speaker Karin Dyer,
Executive Editor, The Dallas Express, The People's paper
Toasty's Restaurant
Apr 2023 2.jpg
Apr 2023 8.jpg
Apr 2023 11.jpg
Apr 2023 1.jpg
Apr 2023 14.jpg
Apr 2023 3.jpg
Preston West Friends - Coffee & Conversation
Saturday, April 1st
PWRW Friends and their guests loved Kevin Cooper!

As Miami-Dade's GOP's 2022 Campaign Manager,
Mr. Cooper was largely responsible for flipping the county
Friends 1.png
Friends 4.png
PWRW General Meeting Feb 28
Featuring Ronda Kay Moreland
"A Focus of What Unites Us"
Toasty's Restaurant
PWRW Feb 2023 4.jpg
PWRW Feb 2023 1.jpg
PWRW General Meeting January 24th
with Featured Speaker Lynn Davenport
Education Researcher & Host of Social Impact Podcast
Toasty's Restaurant
Preston West Christmas Party
and Installation of 2023 Officers
Officiated by Judge Johnson
December 5th, 2022 at Victoria's Restaurant
PWRW November 15 General Meeting
with Debbie Georgatos
and Lt. Col. Allen West
reflecting on the November
elections and the impact
on Texas 
pwrw Nov 2022 3.jpg
PWRW Oct 26 General Meeting at Bugatti's with Speaker Honorable Gwyn Shea
pwrw oct 2022 3.jpg
Wednesday, September 28
10:00 - 12:00 Preston West Fall Kick Off!
Featuring Matt Rinaldi
Meeting is at the Farmers Branch
Historical Church

followed by brunch reception at the
Dobson House (next door)

Brunch Hosted by the Board!
2540 Farmers Branch Lane
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