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Update! Preston West State Convention Delegates
Preston West's delegation to the Republican State Convention keeps growing!
These are Preston West members who have been selected as State Delegates:

              Sandy Ammons                     Rebecca Pratt
              Nancy Anderton                    Aimee Ramsey
              Mary Brooks                         Jean Tally
              Lynn Davenport                    Ellen Theilen
              Marty Forte'                          Diane Truitt
              Susan Fountain                     Hollie Free (Associate Member)
              Diane Kozub                         Jennie Gilchrist (Associate Member)
              Nancy Mello                          Jonathan McKinnon (Associate Member)
Republican Party of Texas
Legislative Priorities 2023
RPT logo.png
    *  Protect our Elections

    *   Ban Democrat Chairs

    *   Abolish Abortion in Texas

    *   Stop Sexualizing Texas Kids

    *   Ban Gender Modification of Children

    *    Secure the Border and Protect Texans

    *   Parental Rights and Educational Freedom

    *   Defend Our Gun Rights

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"A nation can only be free, happy, and great in proportion to the virtue  and intelligence of the people."
Stephen F. Austin
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